Welcome to The Urban Parrot! Look around, our products have been chosen carefully with you and your bird in mind. Most of what you will find for sale, are things we use ourselves, to make birdkeeping more enjoyable. Shirt purchases help us give back to the macaws and other conservation programs. Check the conservation projects page... when you purchase any shirt you get to choose which project your money will support. Look around, have fun, and help us give back to the macaws and other birds that bring so much joy and happiness to our lives!

Birds We Breed

Yellowsided Greencheeks

Jenday Conures

Handfed Parakeets

Pineapple Greencheeks

Mobile Perches

Perches are where your parrot "hangs-out." We have found that large playstands/gyms are great but sometimes your bird wants to be with you in another room or area... light weight mobile perches are great to move your bird around with you without always having your bird on you. ">

The Urban Parrot Shirts

Our Shirts are made with organic materials and are very comfortable. 50% of profits go toward supporting the organizations that are breeding macaws for release back into the wild, or protecting endangered populations and providing more breeding opportunities for their survival. ">
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